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Our Alpaca Natural powder is a slow-release all-purpose natural plant food with great levels of both macro and micronutrients. These nutrients will improve your plant health, soil health and increase crop yields. In conclusion Alpaca natural will help you achieve a healthy and vibrant garden where your plants will thrive.

N P K 2.2 – 0.6 – 1

Our Alpaca Natural Plant Food is dried and ground into a fine powder instead of being shredded or sold as whole beans. In our opinion this has many benefits such as as you get a product that is easier to apply and that will be absorbed into your soil quicker and in a much more even manner. It also removes moisture allowing us to ship you just the pure goodness.

This bag contains 2kg of Alpaca Natural.

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Our Alpaca Natural powder is a slow-release all-purpose natural plant food. With a wide range of essential nutrients it will improve your soil health and crop yields, resulting in a healthy and vibrant garden where your plants will thrive.

Nutrient content:

N P K 2.2 – 0.6 – 1

Nitrogen (N) – For growth and yield.
Phosphorus (P) – Assists roots, flowers and seed growth.
Potassium (K) – Supports the overall function of the plant.
Magnesium (Mg) 4653 mg/Kg – For photosynthesis.
Zink (Zn) 345mg/Kg – Key part of many enzymes and proteins.
Calcium (Ca) 21844 mg/Kg – For plant structure and transports minerals.
Copper (Cu) 52 mg/Kg – For chlorophyll formation.
Sulfur (S) 3371 mg/Kg – Required for Nitrogen uptake.
Sodium (Na) 1499 mg/Kg – Aids in metabolism and synthesis of chlorophyll.

Alpaca Natural Plant Food has great nutritional values (NPK), low odour and improves your soils capability to hold water and improves the general texture of the soil. If you want to enrich your soil in a natural smell free way, without compromising with your plant’s nutrition. Then alpaca natural plant food  is the choice for you.

We only give you the pure goodness
After we pick our Alpaca poo, we sort it, sift it and dry it. Then after we ensure we have only the best bits left, we grind it into the Alpaca Natural powder. This allows the nutrients to enter the soil faster and your plant to benefit from the nutrients quicker. Its also easier and nicer to handle! It also means we have removed all the moisture so you only receive the pure goodness

No seeds or weeds in our fertiliser
Thanks to the alpacas three stomachs Alpaca Natural has very low organic content removing the risk for seeds and weeds, that is normally associated with many other animal based plant foods.

How to use
Please see our planting instructions here for more information about when and how to apply Alpaca Natural.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians 
We don’t mix in blood, fish or bone meal into any of our products. Making the Natural garden fertiliser perfectly suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Made Locally
We are a local West Sussex business all our products are produced and packed at our farm in the rural countryside outside Petworth.

Alpaca Natural Plant Food is pesticide free can be safely applied to your indoor or outdoor plants. Alpaca Natural Plant Food is intended for use in the soil and not for use on leaves, fruit or other parts of your plants that are above ground. Remember to reseal the package after use. Store away from animals, children and food.

Please do remember to wear gloves when handling this product.

Keep your Alpaca Natural in a dry place away from fire and water. Please also note that whilst it is great food for plants, Alpaca Natural Plant Food is not for human or animal consumption.

Alpaca Natural Plant Food is produced from our large herd of Award winning Black Alpacas born and bred in West Sussex WWW.REDENSALPACAS.COM

Weight2 kg
Dimensions30 × 90 × 45 cm
Soil Conditioning

1 cup per sqm


3 tbs per meter


2 tbs per m


6 tbs per plant


6 tbs per plant


6 tbs per m


3 tbs per m


2 tbs per plant per month

Pot plants

3 tbs per ltr

Grass improver

1 cup per sq m


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